*Looking for Professional Voiceover

One of my global clients is looking for a U.S. native english speaker for technical voiceovers. Using Audicity and a professional studio. Contract work. 100% virtual. Must have work samples.

Please send info to pj_virtual@yahoo.com and I will forward your information and also provide my customer contact info.

They are a GREAT Team to work with.

Thanks in advance,


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Nick Elkins

At Artisan E-Learning, we have a few audio talent contractors that we work with on a consistent basis. We also turn to Narrator Files and to Voices.com depending on the size of the job. 

ps. The recommendation to try Voices came from a blog post on the Articulate Word of Mouth blog not too long ago. 

Diane Maggipinto

I realize this is no way to land a gig when I reply almost 4 months later to the OP! But I'm new to the community and am enjoying spending some time here to read about you and your unique set of issues, challenges, joys, tips and tricks, and exciting news.

I've been a voice talent for a long time, with specialties in eLearning and narration. I am also a voice seeker, having cast many foreign talents and character English-speaking roles, dependent on the project.   I hope if you're stuck for a resource, looking for a referral, or have any questions related to voiceover, scripts, production and such, you'll be in touch!

Diane Maggipinto

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