Looking for storyline example of doing a google search/ app search in google play

Oct 31, 2019

Hi guys,

I am new to storyline and i am looking for an example ( code) of how you can let the user type in a search ( like in google play or google search bar) and where the suggestions pup up. When the user types a wrong letter, he gets an error message. ( see example in attachment)

Maybe i am making it too complex, but i want to simulate it as much as possible.

The objective is that they type the correct letters( the name of the app) and can then select the correct option.

Other suggestions of how to solve this, are welcome! 






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Darrell Sangrio

Hi Pédagogie,

That's a great idea. You can do all of that by using data-entry fields in Storyline. Data-entry fields let you collect information from learners, which is stored in variables, can be adjusted with triggers, and displayed on any slide or layer in your course using references. Check out their documentation here:


I also attached an example project that you might want to see. In this example, I created a course that guides users on how to do a Google Search and sign up a trial for Articulate 360. I also created a warning if the user will type other words other than the one I specified. Download it below to see how it's done.

I hope this helps!

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