Looking for vendors to add accessibility to our existing solutions

We wish to improve the accessibility of our content to hearing and visually impaired, and are looking for vendors that will be able to do the following- 

1. For videos - use an automated SRT SW and then review the output and improve it to have a good quality subtitles.

2. For elearnings - use automated SW for text to speeach,a nd add an option to hear the text. Or can the OS automated text-to-speech access the text on HTML5 output (since in Flash it can't). 

2. For elearnings - when we are misisng notes, and not all text appears on screen - create a transcript. 

If you done such projects - can you estimate the prices per 5 min (or any other estimation you have)? 


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Akshay Sakhalkar

Hi Efrat,

Here is quick response to the points you have mentioned. We can definitely help you for accessibility on existing solutions.  Let me know if we can schedule webex call over this week to discuss in more details.

Point 1.

[Eqw] We have created a Flash and HTML5 based video player that was created with Closed Captioning Support. The player supported SRT and was created for a ITLG group at a huge network corporation

Point 2

[EqW] Yes, under the 508 compliance, the entire course can be made accessible through Voice Over softwares. For e.g: In Windows OS there is a Narrator software that starts after you press the Windows Button on your keyboard along with the "U" button. We know how to make even the course Assets accessible.

Point 3

[EqW] Whereas that has to be done manually, there are standards that encourage printable versions on the elearning content. We can talk about this in more detail once we get to know your system from a closer view 

I look forward to talk with you.  Feel free to drop me note on akshay@eqw.io