Looking to build characters/avatars - any advice?

I'm about to plunge into redoing all of our current "recorded" classes from click for next slide to more interactive.  One minor thing I was hoping to do was to use "cartoony" images of our actual trainers so that there's consistency between the live and on demand classes.  I'd like to be able to have multiple expressions/gestures, like the characters already available in Storyline2.

Does anyone know of a way to create characters like that?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Karen,

Adobe Character Animator, part of the After Effects package could be a good starting point. There are certain limitations and prerequisites (for example, you might need to have a photo shoot) but it's intriguing nonetheless.

Alternatively, you could use Storyline states to reveal different poses if you feel you need to go with a more static look. This is the more straightforward approach.

My best guess is that you will probably need to have a "clean shoot" either way.

Hope this helps,