Looking to purchase a Image/Icon subscription; Your recommendations?

Hi All,

Our team recently expired our Elearning Art subscription.  We loved the templates for ideas, and some of the graphics like the characters to use in our development.  However, we are always challenged with "if we are going to purchase something, is it the best something?".  We design straight up corporate training, and try and make very procedural stuff interactive and fun, but also simulated and real world.  I'm looking for variety, high quality images and graphics that can be edited with minimal software and work.  We only have captivate at the moment.

Thanks for your eyes! 

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Christy Tucker

eLearning Brothers is the other big library in the market. In fact, they're probably more well known than eLearning Art. If you're on Captivate 9, the eLearning Brothers characters are already included. I don't see any point in paying for their library twice.

If you want more than what you can get as part of Captivate plus eLearning Art, I would look at doing some custom photo shoots with local actors or employees at your company.

Bryan Jones


I'm happy to have a conversation about what you'd like to see added to the eLearningArt library.

I launched the library 7 years ago based on my own need (character cutouts). But now I'm more of a "business guy," so I end up creating a lot less training myself. I rely on users like you to ask for what you need.

Let's talk about what your "wish list" would look like and I'll do my best to get it added and prioritized on the product roadmap. 

You can email me at bryan at elearningart dot com to set up a time to chat or to just describe the types of images and graphics you'd like to see.