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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Paul: You are working in Storyline, correct?

What specifically is the action that you want to repeat? If it's a sound, I would place that tick-tock track on its own layer and just let it play. Stretch it for as long as you need. On the base layer, you can set a trigger to open that layer when the timeline on the base layer begins. In the attached example, just imagine AC/DC playing in the "background" (on the layer) is a ticking clock. Hope this helps or at least gives you an idea or two. Let me know. --Daniel

Paul Brennan


Thanks for taking the time to respond. This is the option I went for and although I didnt think it was possible to loop the sound track, there are a few things I didn't think could be done previously which I have been pleasently surprised to find is possible in Storyline thanks to the community.

The only reason I wanted to loop the music was because the task on the slide may take some time to complete and I wanted to keep the background sound running indefinitely. In the event I set it for 5 minutes which if the students haven't completed the task by then will have to be natures way of telling them to get a grip!