M-learning development for salespeople?


Does anyone have experience with m-learning development for salespeople?

We are at the beginning of a m-learning process, for the first time,  thinking how we can use mobile devices (phone/tablets) for sales training.

Can you please share: What did you do? What gave them added value beyond the usual e-learning?



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Gayathri Kumar

Hi Shevi,

My team is involved in developing learning-on-the-go material for sales people. I was personally involved in developing the PoC for one such material.

What we do is present the course as nuggets that the learner can download to or view online in his/her mobile device. The downloadable material is usually in the form of an swf file or a published Articulate or Captivate file.

There is no elaborate on-screen-content. Every learning is presented in the form of moving graphics with a storyline (like story telling not Articulate Storyline) with dialogs or one-liners appearing on the screen.\

Animated sketching is the primary approach here with the entire learning drawn out as a sketch.

No Menu, No Navigation. It's one continuous playing animation that the learner can pause or stop.

But what I've said above is just one form of creating learning content for mobile devices.

Requirements change from one customer to another.

Some of our courses are specifically tailored to suit iPads where the development is done in HTML5.

Because these are sales people they don't have the time to go through entire courses.

They need just-in-time information that they can access anytime/ anywhere and this can be presented in the form of nuggets that can span a learning duration of 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Hope you find this useful .

Gayathri Kumar

I'm afraid I can't share the samples because of confidentiality et all. :( am not sure if they had implemented interactivity. But let me find that out for you. Let me find out if they have a sample loaded for public viewing anywhere.

are you creating this course on your own or engaging with someone to share the scope?