Make a video/swf file play in a pop-up browser window

Dear All,

Here is a tricky situation and i am providing a solution to this too!

Situation -

a) You need to present a video/swf file as part of your courseware.

b) The video/swf file must play in a new browser window.

Solution -

Yes. Articulate does allow you to play video/swf. However, there are several drawbacks. Some of them being -

- If you share the files with somebody, they may not be able to view the video/swf. They get an error message "The hyperlinks feature on this slide has been disabled while viewing...."

Here is a better solution -

1) Insert the video/swf in to the slide using Articulate. Configure the settings such that the video/swf pops out in a new browser window.

2) Continue to publish.

3) Once published, navigate to the published folder and locate the ]presentation_content' subfolder.

4) Delete the existing 'VideoPlayer.swf'

5) Locate the appropriate swf file (the one you wish to present through your courseware).

6) Rename the appropriate swf file as 'VideoPlayer.swf'

Presto! You are done!

When you run the published course, the video/swf will pop  out in a new browser window!

If you are good with HTML editing, you may also try opening the 'VideoPlayer.html' file, locate the entry for 'VideoPlayer.swf' and modify it with your required swf.

Good luck!

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Rachel Barnum

I think this also could have been done by loading the .swf file on a server (as a website) and using a trigger to "Go to link: when the Timeline Begins" and it will open up in a new window. May not always be available resource wise, but if your client has a server they can store the flash file on (or you're willing to host it on your own), it may be an easier option for some.