Make buttons more visible with custom pulse effect

Sep 16, 2016

Hi, all,

I wanted to recreate the pulse effect that is available for the native Marker, so my buttons would be more visible on a picture for example. The main thing I wanted was to have this effect automatically on loop and there's nothing better at looping than GIFs. :)

Take a look at the effect in this live demo.

All you have to do is insert the GIF in the course and place it under a circle shaped button and have it be about 10 px bigger. Align center and middle. And boom, magic happens.

A few extra notes:

  1. I am attaching black and white GIFs. You can use white when you want to create a custom color for the pulse effect - just go under Format -> Recolor -> and choose the color that warms your heart.
  2. If you need to use HTML5 export than it gets a bit trickier, because Storyline recompresses GIFs and then they don't look good anymore. In that case you have to:
    1. make sure, you are using only black or white versions, without the custom color. 
    2. replace the GIFs in the mobile folder of the course with the original ones (find the GIF, copy the name to the original GIF, copy the original GIF and paste over the Storyline's GIF in the mobile folder).

Enjoy. :)

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