Making a software simulation more engaging

Oct 17, 2019


I have been asked to make a software simulation more engaging with gamification or scenarios. Can anyone point me to some examples where this has been done? 

At the moment it's a tour of the screen and "tap this, tap that". 



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kathleen murphy

Yes, I thought of this--kind of a watch and then "do". But my hesitation with this is that it's a lot of just touring the screen. This button does this, this button does that...etc...So, nowhere to go really. Client wants gamification or scenario based. Or something more interactive. Even if I did a "watch me" and then they do it--still rather boring. ??? 

Phil Mayor

What is the software for? Could you put in a real world setting. This maybe difficult if they do not know the software, but another one I built had characters in a Clinic and you clicked on each which pulled up the software and you have to click to show how you would register them in the system which was different based on the job role.

Kiera McAuliffe

Scenario, or practical case-based. I make a lot of this, and we have theory slides for specific menu etc, and then a workflow video with a real dataset. Students can follow at home with a sample data set. Only slightly less dry, I agree, but the contents of the Data set can bring it to life, we build this for forensic Investigations software, and so the data set is a fictitious Investigations case.

Kiera McAuliffe

I do most of it as a Rise Hotspot, and the scenarios in Camtasia. I will ask if I can share any of this out :).


I build the Camtasia into a 5HP interactive video block after that and iframe them into Rise.

( Articulate, please integrate these amazing opensource tools into the Rise framework, so many LMS's support it now, its time you guys added some functionality)

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