Making my drag an drop look more slick...

Hi I've made this drag and drop of giving an insulin injection for a course aimed at kids with diabetes. 

The item only drops onto the correct square (i.e. impossible for them to get wrong). And when correct, a green box appears around the item.

However when all the items are  dropped onto the grid, they look a little 'wonky'. Is there an easy way of improving the look of this?

Many thanks


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Sarah Hodge

Hey Cath! Thanks for sharing the story file and review link! I noticed you used the Pick One freeform option. Like Hianna mentioned, if you want more options to customize the interaction, you can use the Drag and Drop freeform interaction. Here's some more info about it:

By the way, this interaction is looking great! My only suggestion would be to perhaps make the outline a bit thinner to give each item a more distinct look when all items are dropped on the grid. I hope that helps!