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Feb 06, 2017



I'm not sure if this is the best place to pose this questions but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

We have an LMS with a whole bunch of content. Learners are driven to it to complete mandatory and induction modules in the main. The LMS also hosts a 'Learning Library' where we have a wealth of modules, everything from Self-development to Health & Safety and Management development.  While we send out communications about additional modules being added and ideas for modules to try we are still have challenges with engagement. While looking for solutions to this, one idea was to make recommendations, i.e. You took X module, now why don't you try Z? A bit like recommendations on Amazon "People who looked at x also looked at Z". While we love the idea we don't really know how to do it in an automated way. Has anyone out there got any ideas or done anything similar? Any feedback gratefully received!



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Bob S

Hi Julia,

First, know that you are not alone.  This is a common problem with optional training that many of us have faced.

Your idea for customized recommendations is a good one.  Remember that this is really an exercise in Marketing, not L&D per se.  As such, I strongly recommend that you put on your Marketer's hat and use some proven techniques....  one of the best is Dr Robert Cialdini's work on Persuasion**.  Things like "Social Proof" , "Scarcity" and "Authority" play  nicely when trying to get folks to avail themselves of optional content.

(**BTW - Still one of the best business books I've ever read and based - WELL worth your time)

Another choice altogether is to get Management to buy into a requirement of X number of courses per quarter or year. This can be coupled with your existing performance management program quite effectively.

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