Making straight arrows curved

Hi Everyone 

This seems a very silly question but it is frustrating me as I can't seem to locate this particular functionality in Storyline - I need to insert a curved arrow that follows the curve/line of a circle.  I thought I could make a straight arrow curved but couldn't seem to do this - I also thought there was curved arrows in Storyline but couldn't  locate them. 




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michelle eames


I am uisng SL1

  • I create a free form line
  • I right click on the line
  • I choose Format shape
  • Go to the the line styles option in the menu
  • The arrow types are greyed out.

This is the same if I use the Shape dialog launcher arrow.

It is fine for straight lines

It isn't a problem for me, I was just checking how do do it after the original question. :-)



Leon Geschwind

Here's the work around that someone shared that may helpful to all. In SL2:

1. I draw a straight line with arrows.
2. I draw a curved path.
3. I select the straight line with arrows and use the format painter tool to apply it to the curved path.

A little a bit roundabout, but it gets the job done.