Managing quiz banks

We have a course with 14 modules, each with a quiz at the end.

We have a final assessment for the course. The bank for the assessment is a combination of the banks from all the quizzes. For each release, we delete questions from the old assessment and import questions from each quiz.

This is getting problematic as we have several variants of the course, each with a  different subset of the 14 modules. Hence, creating the final assessment for each release is consuming too much overhead.

There must be a better way of doing this. Any suggestions appreciated.

Hal Richman, Blue House Energy


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Joanne Chen

Hi Hal,

You don't need to delete questions to create the final assessment question bank. You can keep those questions on where they are and create a new question bank and then import questions from Story slides by copying  questions into the new question bank. I made a small tutorial to show how to do it by using Peek