Many to One Drag n Drop; Wrong Layer Firing

Hello! I had to be a little creative with the Drag n Drop freeform slide and, with a little help from eLearning Brothers, I created a many-to-one drag and drop. The problem I'm experiencing, however, is that the wrong layer is triggering upon clicking Submit. I keep seeing the incorrect layer when the correct layer should be showing up (all variables are True).

Everything looks legit on my part - variables created, triggers created, etc. - but I keep getting the incorrect layer. 

I attached my project; can anyone take a peek and help me out?

Here are the correct answers: Impairment is a physical, substance-related or emotional/mental disorder (in any order) that interferes with a clinician's ability to undertake professional activities safely and competently (in either order).

And, if you're really feeling kind, can you help me troubleshoot any possible snags with this workaround for the freeform many-to-one drag n drop? Like how would I reset a variable if someone changed their answer?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Heather Vogt

Hello, Richard! Thanks for checking this out.

I believe I miscommunicated my issue: I need the first 3 drop targets - the first three blanks - to be "physical", "emotional/mental" and "substance-related" but in any order. That's why they have a T/F variable attached to them. It doesn't matter which of the three blanks they're dragged to, the variable will change to True if they're dragged to one of the 3.

The same goes for the last two blanks; "safely" and "competently" can be dragged to either, and the variable will trigger to "True" if that happens.

So here's what I did instead: While you can't do a one-to-many with the built-in drag-n-drop, you can do a many-to-one. Because of this I put a hotspot over the first three blanks and made this the drop target for the the correct draggables - "physical", "emotional/mental" and "substance-related". I kept my T/F variables so they would trigger to True when either of those three (many) are dragged to the hotspot (one).

I also changed the dropped items to be "Free" when dropped (rather than Snap to Center). I figure the user will align them properly and there's not much I can do to make it look prettier than Free.

I repeated this for the last two blanks, adding a hotspot over them both and having the T/F variable trigger to True when the draggables (many) are dropped to the hotspot (one).

I also tweaked my triggers to make sure the draggables changed the variable value to True if they were dragged to the hotspots (rather than the blanks).

Finally, make sure to allow more than one drop item to each drop target because you need to have many-to-one: many draggables to one drop target - the hotspot. If you only allow one item on the drop target, the other draggables will disappear.

It looks like this works. I attached my project if you're interested!