Markers in Storyline

Markers in Storyline, I've seen in Rise that you can add < > into the caption attached to a marker to allow you to toggle through the markers in order, can you do this in Storyline, if so how?

Can you increase the size of the 'pulse' animation on a marker?

Also, I have added a more visible NEXT button onto every slide and they work fine, but if I want my user to read/interact with all the slides content i.e. the markers, before they can move on how would I do this?

similar to the forklift slide in this example..

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Sarah Hodge

Hi there Sarah and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂

The < > and bigger pulse animations are unique features in Rise 360. That would be a great feature request that you can submit here.

As for the NEXT button, you can change the state of your custom Next button to hidden or grayed out when the timeline starts. Then create a trigger to change the state of the NEXT button to Normal when the state of all the markers are Visited.

Hope this helps!