market research: What's your experience?

When conducting market research - how have you gauged why the people that aren't opting for online learning from any source, are choosing more traditional methods?  I only have a few questions available to ask about online learning in our market research survey.  

I obviously need to know simple things, like if they're aware we offer online learning, and if they have access to the internet (which with our audience there's a probability that some do not).  Those questions are easy.  The hard part is figuring out why people who are not participating online learning from any source are opting for more traditional learning methods, and what type of online learning would best benefit the audience.  Those seems like such hard things to gauge in only a few questions, because: 

1.       People often have misconceptions of what online learning is.  They attended one or two webcasts that were done by monotone speakers reading off of powerpoint slides – and they think that’s what all online learning is like.

2.       Even people who have proper conceptions of online learning don’t know the full scope of what can be created.

Has anyone else had experience in asking these types of questions?  What did you do right, and what do you wish you had done differently?



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