Matching or Drag and Drop for Long Answer Choices

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a quiz question that asks the learner to choose the best feedback they would give based on statements by their team. I have 3  statements (22-24 words) with a 3 feedback  answer options (29 words, 49 words, 52 words).

I tried to use the matching quiz template but when I put my text into the form view it makes the boxes so small the text isn't legible in slide view. I have not found a way to resize the boxes (looks like puzzle pieces). Is that possible?

I'd also love to figure out how to have my statements on the left and my answers to the right and have the user be able to match them by drawing a line from the statement to its correct answer- is that possible in Storyline 2??



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Joanne Chen

Hi Amy, there are several ways you can do with heavy text matching. Yes, you can have drawing lines between statements and options but it will take you more efforts to do so. You may consider the other ways like using a drag and drop freeform and if you prefer matching puzzle pieces, you can create puzzle shapes and put the heavy text in the hover state. But I will say the most easiest way is probably using markers. you can see a demo below.