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Mar 04, 2013

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I need some help.
The structure of the education system in Romania is today something like this:


small group

from 3 years

middle group

from 4 years

large group

from 5 years

preparatory group

from 6 years

preschool education

class 1

7 years

class 2

8 years

class 3

9 years

class 4

10 years

secondary education

class 5

11 years

class 6

12 years

class 7

13 years

class 8

14 years

High school / college

class 9

15 years

class 10

16 years

class 11

17 years

class 12

18 years


I want to make the discipline of mathematics, a series of presentations to be used for classroom teaching.
I am interested to know what are the organizational equivalent of the education system in other states to more easily guide me in the choice of materials information.
  I plan to do these presentations in English, and for me to not work elsewhere, I want to study specific curricula, but must meet the organizational equivalent of the education system.

Thanks for any answer that can help me

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