Maximum Size for Scorm 1.2 and xAPI zip package exports

Hi everyone,

We`ve built our own LMS tool. We use Scorm Cloud Engine to launch courses and we create courses with Articulate Rise. The tool is mainly used via mobile devices.

My question is about course package sizes that we are uploading in our system. In the beginning max file size was 50 mb. Regarding to request from training designers, we`ve just increased 150 mb. But I`ve got new request to increase 350 mb. Our main concern is on increasing max file size more than 150 mb:

  • Using high mobile data of the users to launch courses
  • Slowness on course launch
  • Loosing the track easily, because of low connection quality etc.

For me testing is not consistent since the tool in use globally in Europe, Latin America etc.

I already get warnings from Colombia about lower site speed than other countries (from google analytics). So could you share your max file size in your LMS and share your comments about our worries? 

Many thanks!


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