Media from Slide 4 plays when I move to Slide 2 in SL360

I have a SL360 course which is 22 slides long. When I move from the 1st slide (Welcome slide) to Slide 2, the audio from one of the videos on slide 4 starts to play.

Slide 4 is the 'Media' slide from the Content Library 'Serenity' template. It has 2 videos on 2 different layers that are triggered to play when the 'play' icon is clicked. I didn't change the triggers of the slide template.

I have 2 other slides in the course (slide 9 and 12) which also contain videos, but they are single videos on the base layer.

If I remove slide 4 from the scene, the issue resolves.

Slide 2 is just a text slide (base layer only) with only 2 triggers for 'Next' and 'Previous' slides.

When I move to slide 4 the audio stops!!!  And the slide behaves as expected i.e. When I click 'grouped text 1', Layer 1 shows. Click the play button on that layer and media 1 plays.

When I click 'grouped text 2', Layer 2 shows. Click the play button on that layer and media 2 plays.

I rebuilt the slide from scratch thinking there was something hidden that I wasn't seeing, but the same problem occurs.

I also deleted my slide, inserted the media template again, and changed the video to another video from the content library and the problem did NOT occur.  So now I am really confused.

I'm happy to send anyone the story file to look at to assist troubleshooting.





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Kimberley Martinsen

Hi Wendy! 

I haven't checked the MASTER layout but will go and check that out.

As the template works as anticipated with a video from the content library I don't think there will be anything lurking there, but definitely worth a look. I'll let you know if I find any hidden nasties!