Medication Card - Sharing

A few health care industry folks might have a use for this so I thought I'd post and share.

In the spirit of "sculpt your own clip art", I created a prescription medication card (aka blister pack) to use in a training course.

Here's a screen shot of a couple of images from the training course:

Here's the PowerPoint 2010 file with the custom shapes. I hope the images open and look okay, I think I left most of the shapes/clipart ungrouped.



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Melanie Sobie

Its a compliance course (Medication Delivery), with a brief review of the procedures and the role of the person delivering the medication (officers & sergeants). Lots of emphasis on how to properly document the medication record. So even though it is a basic compliance-related course, the goal is really about behavior change, since the current medication record documentation is inconsistent and/or lax. The quiz questions are mini-senarios where they have to make the correct judgement call, or a question where they have to select the correct documentation codes for the medication record.