Meeting Performance Criteria

Hi all,

Our courses are built around two separate groups of performance criteria (PC) in order for students to meet both the national and industry qualification expectation.

Each of these have components which require students to "Demonstrate" or "Explain" certain aspects of the PC, does anyone have experience or samples of how they may have successfully have achieved similar outcomes through Storyline (or other) actions without the need for  a trainer to sit and read each individual response for marking.

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Bob S

Hi Kelly,

You've come to the right place. The heroes here have  lots of great examples of testing learner knowledge.

As an additional thought, have you considered going back to the governing body/regulator to see what they might consider acceptable?  Many times there is a regulator's manual or published criteria that you must adhere to.

For example, we had some topics that no matter how amazing a scenario/test/proof we would create, it wouldn't matter if the test wasn't proctored at a testing site (eg Prometric, et al).  For others, the regulator required certain key words and questions to be asked verbatim and would not allow a scenario-based knowledge check. You get the idea.

Hope this helps!

Libby Doran

How did you get on with this Kelly? I am in the exact same situation: well into qualification design territory. I have a list of standards and evidence that must be met and have been advised to capture evidence that is naturally occurring in the workplace. The learning material will be online, but the assessment will be a workbook that I will design to meet the criteria. This will enable it to be marked by the appropriate person as well as use any question types that suit (primarily free text questions). I've never done qualification design though, and it'll be hard not to plagiarise the qualification from organisations already offering it!