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Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on how I can do this.

I have a course that has a about 10 slides that all learners will go through (introduction), then they get to a slide that has their role listed (3 roles). When they select their role they go off on their personalised stream for about another 10 slides.

What I would like is that at the end of the introduction part I would like them to be able to recap any of the topics they have gone over so far, if they don't want to recap they can keep going and the next slide they will see is the one which asks them their role. 

Then at the end of the roles, I would also like to offer a recap of any of the topics they have covered in total. 

I think I can kind of work this out to go back to the topic but, how do I navigate the learner back to the recap slide after they have recapped their topic instead of them having to go back through the course. 

Help :)

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Benjamin Passons

Set up a true/false variable where true=they have visited the recap slide and false=they have not visited the recap slide. Then assign a trigger to the next button of the last slide of their recap so that if the variable is true they skip all of the course to go back to where they need to be, and false means they continue through the course as planned.