Merge quiz points and attempts into results slide

I am creating a short board game to test users knowledge of company procedures.

The game board has 15 squares in 3 x 5 rows.

Row 1 questions are worth 10 point

Row 2 questions are worth 20 point

Row 3  questions are worth 50 point 

The idea is to get from the A to b using the least number of squares (i.e 5) with maximum points  ( ie 250) but how do I get the results slide to calculate and even more so how should I tackle the variables. All advice welcome.


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Nicole Legault

Hey there Nick !

Cool idea about the game you want to create. I'm not sure I understand all the logistics of the game you want to create... but instead thought I could point you to some free existing game templates that you can use to save time and avoid re-creating the wheel! The Jeopardy template would be a good option for you, you can edit the amount of categories so you have just the amount you need.

A few other options you could look into are this Quiz Game template and this Board Game template. These are free downloads. You can also open up the files and take a closer look at how the Results slide calculate the totals and which variables are used. This can give you some insights into how to build this type of interaction.

Hope this helps :)