Micro Learning - The Do's and Don'ts

Jan 22, 2019

Hi everyone!

In this year, we are looking to start to introduce the concept of bitesized learning chunks in our system. Now, I need a reach out about whether anyone has best practises for micro learning and what the do's and don'ts might be. How complex in design do you go? How much information do you cover? How long would you expect someone to complete this? Do you use lots of the functions in Storyline or have you kept it simple and to the point?

Any help would be extremely appreciated.



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Carolyn Sosnowski


I was just doing some reading on this, and it should be as long as it needs to be...but must be very specific in scope. What single problem should it solve? 

Here's one article that might be helpful: https://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/let-moments-of-learning-need-guide-when-to-use-microlearning/

And this: https://axonify.com/blog/how-long-is-microlearning/


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