Microlearning Mobile Solution Concept


If you are a training manager  and have a group of people you train on a daily, weekly, monthly basis this might interest you or perhaps you interest are in micro-learning or in e-learning in general you may find this interesting.

We are trying to research if we should develop a very interesting product geared towards micro-learning. Below you will find the description of the actual product, I wanted to get thoughts and opinions on the product this is just a general idea, any feedback would be appreciated which will help us determine if there is an actual need for such tool.

Below you will find a description with a few questions, that we keep pondering about before actually spending money to develop such a tool:

Any feedback is appreciated!

Learn Nest - Application Concept Summary: 
Scholarix is looking to create a easy to use, complete micro-learning solution which enables content creators to easily create learning materials and push them out to their mobile learners’ smart devices. 
The solution will consist of two major components which will communicate with each other:
 Admin Side: Course Builder Authoring Tool and Dashboard (Desktop based or Mobile based)
 User Side:  Mobile App (Currently focusing on iOS and Android)

The course builder component will be used by content creators to create straight forward, 3-5 minute training microlearning courses and assessments with the aid of professionally designed templates.
Content creators can then “push” the learning content to their learners’ smart devices installed with the Mobile App component where the learners will then be able to attempt the courses. 
The Mobile App will also communicate back details about the individual learner’s progress, scores, and completion status to the creator’s dashboard. 

The dashboard will be part of the course builder component and allow the content creator / administrator to create and modify learner accounts and view progress reports of their learners.
The main appeal of the app is that it is a powerful solution with a simple interface that any non-technical trainer / educator can use to quickly create and measure training without the need of any e-learning specialists or outside vendors. 

The solution will be a SAAS model that is hosted in the cloud.
1. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of microlearning and its application?
2. Would it be important for your learners to take the content offline and then upload it back to the server when they have an internet connection or is this not so important?
3. Should the content creator tool be desktop or mobile based? Which would you prefer if you were using it to design courses?
4. Do you think this is more of a job performance tool as the learning content would be only 3-5 minutes per module?
5. Where do you think a solution like this would be most effective? Which kinds of environments, what kinds of learners, 
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