Millionaire Game Challenge/DEMO

Nov 07, 2016

If you thought that you had missed the Millionaire Game Challenge when you read the title, don't worry, you didn't. It was a personal challenge for me which I decided to start after I read an interview with @Tom Kuhlmann in 


"Look for examples that inspire you and then try to mimic them. That will help you think through the tools you have and production techniques. From there you’ll be able to iterate and come up with your own ideas." - Tom Kuhlmann




I wanted to create a Millionaire quiz interaction similar to the one I saw on a web page. 


It was a bit difficult to plan the triggers and variables at first, then it became enjoyable to discover how to solve the questions I asked myself. 


Final Checklist


  • Apply the Millionaire game mechanics  - Check 
  • Create a similar design - Check 
  • Use variables and triggers more - Check
  • Bring something new to the game - Check ( There is a Return Ticket for the users reaching question 10. They will lose the money they have earned, but can see the rest of the questions)
  • Shuffle the questions - Not yet


Here is a short video of the interaction; 

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David Anderson

I think I know why we missed your post. It looks like you posted your game a day or two before 360 launched. <sigh> 

Funny enough, I talked to someone today at ATD TeckKnowledge who also shared a really cool game that never made it to our weekly recap. Why? Turns out she posted her game a few days after 360 launched. That was probably the worst week to post examples... unless you used "360" in the title:-)

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