Mindmap Template for Video Project

Okay, so maybe this isn't exactly an Articulate question, but it does have to do with mind maps and we're all familiar with David's mindmap Screenr.  Plus, several of us incorporate video into our courses, so...

I have a video project coming up where I have to create an instructional video for women on the game of football (no, I am not making this up).  The idea is that women would get an understanding of the game to the point where they could sit down and watch a game with their boyfriend/husband/significant other and have an idea about what was happening on the field.  The point is to cover the basics - scoring, offense/defense, penalties, flow and structure of the game, etc.

I don't think the content will be too tough.  What I need ideas for is a video project mind map.  Not just colors/ design elements/ people etc. but I also need video stuff like types of shots, lighting, etc. - This is the part I need help with.  I need an experienced videographer to create a basic mindmap template to be used for video projects.  It doesn't have to be anything graphic at all - it can be as simple as a list of items.  Also, I would completely welcome people taking a stab at a video project mind map for my specific topic.  Thanks for your help, Articulate Community!

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