Minimum hardware and software requirements for viewing content?


What are the minimum hardware and software requirements to view an e-learning module built with Articulate Studio 13?  I found the following link which was helpful.  However, this link does not answer the question I post:

The link provides hardware and software requirements for computers that will be used to author content.  It provides information on content form requirements and 508 compliance for viewing content, which is helpful.  But I really need to know at a basic level, what is the minimum hardware and software requirement needed to be able to view a computer-based (on CD) training built in Articulate Studio 13? 

The modules would be used in remote access locations with no Internet access.  I'm unsure of the quality and age of the PCs.  This is why I ask this question. What would be my best bet in terms of appropriate rapid-authoring software for developing a computer-based eLearning module if the computers do NOT meet minimum requirements?

I appreciate any thoughts on this matter.   Thank you so much!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for reaching out here and I also just wanted to point out that often product specific questions or technical requests are posted here in the product forums - that is monitored by members of our support team for assistance, whereas the Building Better Courses side of the forums is more focused on how to, design, instructional elements. 

In regards to your question about viewing requirements, they are documented at the bottom of that article. If you're publishing for CD or another local source, the courses will play in a form that is based on Internet Explorer, so even without internet access, they'll want to ensure they have the appropriate Flash version installed as described in the article. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know here, reach out in the product forums or connect with our Support engineers. 

Paul Miller

I have a few questions regarding the article system requirements. Specifically my questions are not for the developing software but viewer requirements.

1. When was that article last updated?

2. For HTML 5, the latest version is great, but what about the minimum browser version. Not all clients have or can upgrade to the latest version.

3. What's the minimum version of IE that supports HTML5?

4. Browser support for Flash is always changing, I see minimum requirements for most browser with the exception of Chrome. Chrome is always the latest. Is there a minimum for Chrome.