Jun 12, 2017

Hi again,

I have a video that I placed a border around (a shape). I have toggled between bringing the video front and back, but the misalignment still happens when in view mode. See attached SS.

Is it something on the parallels side or a setting that I am not aware of that's causing this?  I have 4G RAM assigned to the VM.

Insights please!



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Daniel Brigham

That's kinda weird for the vid to move that much. I'd probably try locking it on the timeline, and when that didn't work, opening up a support case. https://articulate.com/support/contact/case

If nothing works, you might try placing your shape in front of the video, if it isn't already. For example, for videos,  I have a computer screen and I cut out a space for the video. I place the video behind this computer screen asset.




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