Mobile Course design for non tech-savvy users

I have recently built a system training course designed to be completed on a mobile phone as this is the only device some users have access to and is the device they will be accessing the system on.

The on-screen real estate is at a premium so I have taken advantage of the swipe to move forward or back functionality and made the instructions so they can be hidden to reveal the full screen where needed.

Initial feedback from the current face-to-face trainers is that the users won't be able to figure out how to swipe.

Has anyone else come across this? How did you handle it? 



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Matthew Bibby

Smartphone users who don't know how to swipe? Seems pretty unlikely to me. 

If they are worried about a potential split second of confusion before people figure out what to do, just have a "swipe left to continue" message at the start of your course.

Or maybe do some testing. Load the course on a phone and ask others nearby what they think of the course. See how long it takes them to figure the navigation out.

Tristan Hunt

This is exactly my thoughts, however, all 4 of the trainers who were asked to test the course came back with this feedback individually.

The first screen (which they can't progress from without swiping) has instructions advising them how to navigate already. 

I do realise a significant number of the users will be older and not technically savvy but a 2-year-old can pick up a phone and work out how to swipe so this feedback has me completely stumped.