Mobile course : Storyline vs Captivate 9

Hello, everyone !

I'm currently using Captivate 9 and with all the bugs and issues I'm experiencing, I'm thinking about using Storyline. However, the reason why my company is using Captivate 9 it is for its mobile design possibility.  

If I wish to design for smartphones, I simply (and that's a big word) go to the mobile breakpoint and adjust (Tweak here and there and before I know it, 2 hours have gone by) the content. 

How do you, Storyline users, design for mobile? I'm assuming you need the device's size in mind. What if, you design for mobile and tablet? Do you create 2 separate modules, whereas, in Captivate 9, I only create 1 module (with 3-5 breaking points).

Many thanks,





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Crystal Horn

Hello Claudiane!  I hope some folks in the community can chime in with their best practice ideas for Storyline course design.  I would like to share some resources with you, as well!  Our philosophy is that course authors shouldn’t bear the burden of tweaking the content of every slide in a course for every device, and organizations shouldn’t have to limit the devices they support. At Articulate, we believe that technology, not course developers, should power multi-device e-learning.

I hope that helps.  Our customer success team is great about talking to you about your needs and seeing if Articulate can match them!  Thanks for reaching out.

Julie Frappier

Thank you Crystal ! Although Captivate 9 has some good elements, I'm about done and at my last wits....  Issues after issues, I'm not sure it's worth the hassle. I'm with you on how course authors shouldn't have to bear the burden of tweaking the content on every slide!  Thanks again for the help and will get in touch with your customer success team.