Mobile eLearning Gamification in Articulate Storyline 360 With Tinder (Dating App) UI and Interaction

Jan 21, 2023

Can you implement Tinder (dating app) interface and interaction in my mobile e-learning game using Articulate Storyline?

A client on Fiverr asked me this question and shared his content with me. In the content he shares true and false questions with pictures. The client also specified if the user swipes right, a true response should be submitted. And if the user swipes left, a false response should be submitted. In the beginning I can understand that this is a big challenge for me but I believe that it can be possible in the articulate storyline. And if you are a freelancer you have to be ready for any challenge anytime.

I have never used Tinder before this project but I installed Tinder in my phone to check its interface and interaction. It was very difficult for me to decide which was the best way to use the Tinder interface for e-learning. After working with various interfaces I designed the final user interface for this game. And With the help of javascript and storyline variables I also got left and right swipe functionality for each question. Then finally I successfully completed the project of designing a powerful game in articulate storyline with powerful features and great interface. The original version was slightly changed and in German but I have modified it further to share with community.


Preview link:


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