Money - fewest number of coins and total spent

I am trying to create an activity where students have to make up an amount using the fewest number of coins. I want the correct layer to display when they get the amount AND the fewest number of coins correct. Any other combination will bring up a Try again layer which they have two attempts at before being shown the Incorrect layer with the correct answer.

In my example question the correct answer is £3.60 and 4 coins.

When I click on £2, £1, 50p and 10p the correct layer shows which is great as the correct number of coins is 4  BUT the correct layer is also showing when I click £1 3 times, 50p and 10p which is 5 coins in total.

The correct layer is also showing sometimes when I click the Try again button!

Any ideas?

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Siobhan Keleher

Thanks for getting back so quickly! It works but the Try again layer doesn't work. Maybe I need to rethink the layer display? The plan was to have the correct layer show if they get it right without having to click submit (which now works-thank you!) Any other combination would require them to click Submit which would then show the Try again option. They would then have 2 more attempts before the Incorrect layer shows. Maybe I'm just making it too complicated???