I am looking at upgrading my monitor, does anyone have any insights as to the best size for use with developing elearning content using Storyline? I know it may sound like a solution seeking a problem, but before I make a case to corporate to spend money, or go outside of approved hardware specs, I want some facts to back it up. Right now, I have two monitors, a 17 inch and 19 inch. They are not wide aspect. My initial thinking is that I would be better off with a wide screen monitor at least 27 inches. Any suggestions?

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Edward Springer

That's a part of my "vision". I have the standard issue monitor that all our employees use and would keep that as a second monitor as well as to preview content to make sure it plays and looks well for the users. The larger monitor would give me room to work when developing course content.

Skip Hagan

As my eyes aren't as sharp as they once were (gettin old ain't for sissies) my monitors have been getting larger, every time I'm due for a replacement. Just recently, I bought a 32" HD Dynex TV, from Best Buy. It was "on sale" for $185. Try to find a monitor of that size, for that price! 

I have the TV plugged into my 17" HP laptop's VGA port. This gives me a GREAT dual screen workspace. I am delighted to pull up PPT or SL and really see details without having to zoom in, all the time. It's wonderful for working in Flash and Illustrator, too!

You might find it worth your while to make a personal purchase and use it at work..... Regardless of what your IT folks want to bless you with; if that might be an option for you.

As they say out on the range: "Yeeeeeee Haw"

Beth Worthy

yeah, 27" will do. Currently i am using 22" wide screen and i am quite satisfied with that. Anything between 27 and 32" is fine. But I always prefer widescreen. Also make sure that you should have a bit powerful graphics card so that you can work on high resolution. Average GFX doesn't perform good on large screens.