Moodle Installation Consultant

We are considering using Moodle to improve our internal course hosting platform.  We need to find someone who knows Moodle and who can help us get it up and running, with the overall look and feel we need.  Our IT person is very talented but does not have the free time to teach himself Moodle from scratch. 

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Vasily Ingogly

Sharon FultonBevers said:


This is a topic we're interested in, too. We can free host on a moodle site but want to present something better than clunky looking Moodle, and also need an LMS, which Storyline doesn't do by itself. Does anyone else need or do this currently?

You might want to look at the WordPress plugins LearnDash and Sensei ... they're relatively new and not as full-featured as Moodle, but if your requirements are fairly simple one of them might do the trick for you. I haven't personally used them, but they're on my list of plugins to evaluate when a client has a need for an LMS. There are a number of tutorials out there on embedding Articulate output into a WordPress page, by the way.