More Studio 13 materials please

Hello,  I worked very hard to get my management to purchase Studio 13.  During my pitch for the product, there were a lot of Studio resources available on the various websites within   Recently, it seems like Storyline and Storyline 2 have taken precedent, and that there is much less Studio assets.

I do want to eventually get Storyline 2, but I need to show success with Studio 13 first.  Maybe I am just not seeing all the Studio resources because they are lumped together with Storyline items.

Might I suggest that you have a navigation point between Studio and Storyline?

Thanks.   I love Studio and the support! 

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Mark, you are probably correct in that the buzz is more around Storyline these days. I have both Storyline 2 and Studio 13 and find I'm definitely using Storyline more. Have you checked out the Presenter Hub on this site? It has resources for Studio 13.  In fact each product has its own hub so if you are looking for some materials for Quizmaker or Engage you might also want to check their hubs.


Mark mccoy

Thank Nancy.  My main (and very minor) complaint is that the Elearning Examples page are filled with Storyline examples.  I think there are like 3 Studio items there. 

Thanks for the link.  I haven't been there before the website update.  Will definitely check it out.

Again, I really trying to wow my management team with Studio products in order to leverage a purchase of Storyline down the road.  The more assets that I can locate, the better!

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply!!!


Trina Rimmer

Hi Mark. Nancy is spot on. I also wanted to point out that there are tons of free PowerPoint templates and other image assets you can use in Studio - and many for Storyline as well.

Hope this helps you make a good case to your management!