Most effective way to capture software/system training


Our company a access to Articulate Presenter and Storyline and we are trying to find out what might be our best bet if we want this as a result:


Ability to showcase steps within software/system for learners

Capture either video or static screen shots with hot spots for click ability

Be able to create 3 branches/version of the learning.
Version 1:  Watch everything play out in front you of start to finish “watch me”
Version 2:   Attempt on your each step, but ask for help/hint should you need it
Version 3:  Try 100% on your own to create the steps you just learned in version 1
What ID software makes most sense and doesn’t cause 3x the work and make us do it three times for each step?  Any idea?  I don’t work enough with each of these to make a good decision?  Thanks all.  Judith 

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Ethan Estes
Eric Bryant

I've created a software simulation quite easily using Articulate Storyline 2 - it's also available in Articulate Storyline 360. Simply use the Record Screen feature, record the screen actions, and then when prompted insert the "slides" as Step-by-step slides. You can save them as View mode, Try mode, and Test mode. Storyline records the actions and provides template screen prompts that you can easily edit and format. The rough copy literally takes as much time as it takes to record the simulation.