Motion Paths - Auto return to original position

Dec 29, 2017

Hello everyone,  needing some assistance with motion paths.

I have four shapes at the bottom of a slide serving as menu tabs.  When I hover my mouse curser over a tab I want it to rise up, but when the learner moves the mouse curser off of the shape I want it to lower back down into it's original position.

I've added a motion path and trigger so the shape rises when the mouse curser is hovered over the shape, but I can't figure out what needs done so it lowers back down when the mouse curser moves off the shape.

Restore on mouse leave option doesn't work because the shape will snap back to its original position then rise up again on its own.  I've tried using triggers.  I put a second motion path on the shape in the opposite direction and used relative start point with no success.  I've searched these forums, the internet, YouTube videos and haven't found anything on what I'm trying to do.

So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Attached is a basic Storyline 360 file of what I'm trying to do.  I have the motion paths set for each object to rise when mouse hovers over each, can anyone help on how to get the shapes to lower back into original position when the mouse curser moves off the object.

It's probably something insanely simple that I'm not thinking to do.

Thank you.

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Christine Hounsham

Just did a quick proof and realised I didn't shorten the timeline on the '2 Down' layer.  The timeline of the Down layers should only be as long as the slide down motion path.  

Note the different settings for the Up layers verse the Down layers.  (ie on Up layers untick 'hide other slide layers' and untick ' hide this layer when timeline finishes'.  On Down layers these two options should be ticked, and timeline adjusted to length of MP)

Glenn Reagon

Thank you to everyone who has replied and provided me with some alternative methods.  The effect I was wanting to achieve was to have the shape slide up to indicate it was selection then slide back down into position when the mouse cursor is no longer hovered on it. 

Christine, your suggestion gets me the closets to my goal so I'll try and work with that and see if I can modify it a bit.

Thank you to all for the help.  If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to share.

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