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Sep 07, 2015

Hi there :-)

I am new to Articulate, working on my first project. I would like to create an effect where text has a motion effect when the mouse moves over it. Sort of a wipe animation as the you move the mouse forward and backwards to achieve a 'fluid' like effect. How would I go about doing this? Hope I am explaining properly. Appreciate any help.



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Patti Bryant

Hi Jessica! 

Welcome! We're happy to have you! I wonder if this blog post will help.

If I were tackling this, I'd go through each of these steps, and on the slide layers, where I use an image, you'd simply use text and apply the animation you'd like. So, when learners mouse over the text, the layer with the animated text appears, giving it the effect you want.

I hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,

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