Move focus to next Text Entry using Javascript

Jul 15, 2018

I have a slide with 4 text entry fields. Is there any way that I can move the cursor focus to the next text entry field (using javascript), when the user types a certain key on the text entry field using the command "When user presses a key"?

Or move the cursor to the next text entry field after limiting the number of characters in the text entry field?

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Sanduni Fernando

Thank you so much for your input Matt.

I was trying to achieve the 'entering credit card numbers' effect and thought the same could be used to crossword puzzles as well.

I checked in some forums and could not come with a suitable solution (I am not a javascript expert as well :( .)

Thank you for your advice on usability on changing focus. Will think of an alternative solution and update this thread, if I can come up with a satisfied alternative.

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