Move slide from Master to presentation


Is it possible to move slides from the slide master to Story pages? I"m using Articulate 360.

I would like to convert the Slider Menu for my use, but I can't use it with the motion in the slide master.  When I convert it to a different template I lose the functionality.  

I tried copying the pages from slide master to my storyline file, but "paste" is always grayed out.  

Any suggestions?

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Carl Stephenson

Dave, not sure what your referring to.  I've right clicked a page in the Master slide view and don't see an option to "Apply" screen.  What I'm trying to do is to take the slides in the slide Master vies (see attached pic) and move them to the SL pages.  I have certain templates that I"m required to use.  The file that I"m using is the "Storyline 2: Slide-Out Menu" template from E-learning heroes.  

Dave Goodman

Carl - just to be sure of our terms - when I say Master slide, I am talking about the Master and the sub master slides that can be accessed under the View Menu, Master slides (same as your attached image). If you go the left panel in your SL course and right click on one of your thumbnails , you will see an option called Apply Layout. This permits you to insert any slide from the master list into your course. I hope this helps.