Hello everyone!

I am in need of some experts out there and QUICKLY!

I have a quick game/questions story that needs to have the gas gauge move up and down depending on if the user gets the question correct or not. The object is to take the ride and have enough gas to finish. If the user runs out of gas before all 5 questions are answered they will have to start over from the beginning. 

So here are my asks: 

1. Meter needs to go up when question is correct and down when question is answered incorrectly.

2. Results slide pass when user finishes all questions with 5 correct answers. 

3. Results slide fail/retry when user runs out of gas. 

I have one question so far and it works if I get the question correct I get more gas in my tank, if I get the question wrong I lose gas in my tank. 

My problem is when I add more questions I cannot get the gauge to change.  

I have variables for each state of my needle on the gas tank (don't laugh at their names, not a math genius). 

Tight turn around...any help would be much appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ronda! I love the work you've done on this file - thanks for sharing it. I made some slight changes to the variable and state system that you created:

  • I replaced your variables with a single numeric variable called "Gauge."
  • On the correct and incorrect layers of the question slide, I added a trigger to the Continue button to increase or decrease the value of the variable accordingly. You'll need to do this for every question slide.
  • On the map slide, I changed the triggers to change the state of the needle when the timeline starts based on the value of the Gauge variable. 

Now, you are keeping track of just one variable to adjust the needle. In your example file, one variable would change and the other variables would stay the same. The triggers didn't know how to execute properly because the variables were in conflict with each other.

Check out the attached modified file, and let me know if that gets you started in the right direction! You can demo it here.