Moving Characters in SL

Apr 02, 2018

Hi all,

I'm trying to see if it's possible to move a character in Storyline to simulate a game.  I've attached a file and what I'm trying to do is move her to the box using the arrows at the bottom.  Right now I'm moving her using a trigger along a line.  When she finishes the first movement, she just goes back to her starting position.  Ideally, I'd like her to stay where she ended and move forward from there.

Is that possible?  Also, is it possible to map the movement to a keyboard key?


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Joanne Chen

You can use T/F variables to do so. Add a condition in the move trigger, and another trigger to change the variable. For example, move the character when user presses a key on condition of variable MoveRight=true. Adjust variable MoveRight to false when character interact with a transparent object left to the desk.

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