Moving Spotlight Effect in PowerPoint 2007...

Thanks to Zara's post about creating a "spotlight" mask in PowerPoint 2007, (, a slightly left-field way of animating it suddenly occurred to me - see

Any ideas of how it's done? 

Will post an explanation if needed as soon as get some time.

All standard features in .ppt - nothing custom.



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Bruce Graham

OK - here's how it was done...VERY simple, nothing "clever".

Basically, the greyed out colour is moving AS WELL as the hole, but because it is so much larger than the main "target" image, you can never see it moving

Typical close-up magic "misdirection", the larger movement (here the hole that you are focusing on), takes you away from the other movement, (which you cannot see here anyway!).

Sorry there's no voice explanation on the Screenr, currenly have a jaw infection and talking hurts a bit, great for someone who does voiceovers !!!