Multi-language courses with multi language quizzes

Hi, I create courses in English but have to regularly translate them into different languages which means I end up with multiple versions of the same course on our LMS (Lumesse Learning Gateway).  This means learners are sometimes confused as to which course they should complete. 

I can branch the course easily so the learner opens the course, selects their language and then completes the course and quiz in their language. However the the LMS does not recognise that the course is complete because the learner has not completed all the quizzes in all the languages. This obviously defeats the point of having branching.

Is there a way in Articulate to ensure that only one quiz needs to be completed for the LMS to recognise completion or is this a limitation of the LMS?

Thanks, Iain


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Michaela Crawford

Hi Iain,

When you export your course you can set how you track completion. It sounds like your course is set to track number of slides viewed. You also have an option for 'track using quiz result' and 'track using complete course trigger' - sounds like you could make use of the quiz result for your tracking.

Go to: Publish -> LMS -> Reporting & Tracking to edit the settings.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,