Multilanguage E-Learning Content in Storyline 360

Hello there,

is there an instruction or a best practice how to create a multi language e-learning course in storyline? I got PowerPoint Slides in different languages, software simulations are all the same. How can I maintenance the hints in different different languages? Do I have to create a separate simulation for every language I've got?


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Nicole Legault

Hi Binu, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. 

First of all you may be interested in these articles that are all about translating and localizing elearning content: 

In terms of translating content you've imported into Storyline, and the hints/captions from your software simulations, you can follow these instructions for importing and exporting the text content, so it can be translated: Storyline 360 > Translating Courses. Following these instructions you should be able to record your simulation once, and then do a Save As to create a new version and import the translated text for that version of the course. 

Hope this helps :) Let us know if you have any additional questions, we're always here to help!