Multiple choice question

Hi All,

I'm putting together a quiz for a client, one of the questions is:

"Name 3 elements of Blooms taxonomy"

Now there are 6 elements, I've added 3 wrong answers so there is a total of 9 answers.

Obviously I have marked which ones are right but how do I work it out so that they only have to select 3 out of the 6 correct answers to pass? 



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Ant Pugh

Hi again Dave - I've had a play around with this and with the built-in Quiz features, I can't see a solution for what you're trying to achieve. Hopefully one of the Heroes can reply and let me know whether I have missed something.

However, I have managed to create a workaround which works pretty well - I have changed the question to Freeform and then added a Numeric Variable to each of the correct answers, which means that they are taken to a "Correct" results slide if they choose 3 right answers, and are taken to an "Incorrect" results slide if they chose less than 3 correct answers.

Also added a character because there was some white space that I felt an unhealthy urge to fill :)

Hope this helps!