Multiple 'Draw from Question Banks' slides - no repeat wanted - HELP!

Hi Everyone

I'm making a game show based project that utilises question banks.  

In the course each Scene contains a Draw from Question bank before then routing back to the 'game/progress board' to keep the gameshow feel and let the learner see their progress.  This then routes to the next scene and so the process repeats.

Unfortunately (after investing a ridiculous amount of time in this), i have realised that every 'Draw from Question Bank' uses the complete question pool and doesn't ignore the questions already asked.  This creates repeat questions cropping up.

My question is simple - has anyone manged to find a way to use multiple Draw from Question Banks but not repeat a question?




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Allison LaMotte

Hi Graham,

Have you thought about duplicating your question bank and then deleting different questions from each so that you don't run into this issue?

For example, let's call your original question back A. In that question bank, you have 30 questions. If you duplicate it twice, you'll have 3 question banks, each with 30 questions. In question bank A, delete questions 11-30. In question bank B, delete questions 1-10 and 21-30. In question bank C, delete questions 1-20. 

Would that work?

Graham Betts

Thanks Both

I'd already started on a 'manual' question bank using the JavaScript element.  Never had any issue with JS on mobile devices as mos mobile OS browsers support it now.  I had copied some JS to randomise a number from another post (possibly one of yours Owen) for one feature of the course - then needed to have a 2nd randomised number to make the manual QB option work.  After a bit of blind tinkering i was very pleased with myself to get it working.  May share the results once ive got the end product working : )